April 10, 2011

Surface to Air

If there's a will. There's a way. Just kidding.  There is a will, but there is no way. haha 
My heart hurts looking at the price tag.
 I would probably give up a kidney for these.  


the nyanzi report said...

One can always wish. Aspiration is a good thing. It makes one more focused to achieve set goals. One day you will be able to get them.

I'm Just Me said...

those shoes are amazing!!!

http://imjustmefashionblog.blogspot.com/ :)

Anonymous said...

Ah thanks girl! I'm alwyas looking forward to your posts :)


Han Tan said...

um...I just got similar wedges on ebay from south korea...


I really like 'em! They're a little weird, but good.