January 31, 2012


junk food tee

With life in full gear, often there are things that simply end up in the back burner of daily to-do's.  Regrettably, this blog has been an extension of all things neglected as of late.  Despite a lack of appearance, a culmination of things (for this blog) have and will begun soon if not shortly.  Excitement is an understatement. I miss you all!

A brief recap of what's been missed in the past two months- crazy!

1- pina colada saturdays 2-shoes in the midst of a cleaning chaos 3-aftermath of a bedroom rearrangement 4-christmastime 5-shoot i did last week 6-late night debaucheries 7-my now beaten joe's 8-favorite meal of the day 9-iphone diy 10-macarons from bottega 11-christmas in vegas 12-lounging with poopoo

and I've recently hopped on the instagram wagon- find me @rizzka
and tweet at me! @rizzka

 rollercoasters in woods (brothertiger remix) | tecla


lady di said...

glad to hear of the comeback, youre one of my faves!

Jacquelyn said...

Aw I've missed your posts. These are sick photos!!! Love that first one of you so awesome.


cryskay said...

WB!! ahhh i LOVE the first photo. gorgeous & free spirited. i didnt know you were in instagram - following ya! xx

Melina said...

Yayy, come back to us!! Looks like you've been having lots of fun though.

Also now I want breakfast...

xx Melina

Ashley Rae said...

Awesome to have you back. I just made it back to the blogger world as well. Life always gets in the way! Lol.
And I just joined IG also. Following you there too.

IG: @always_ashleyrae