February 27, 2012

Morning Run

hm sweater, bf's shirt, jeffrey campbell boots, zara bag

Excuse the awkward hand placement as an attempt to juggle latte and phone becomes a challenge when you have stubby fingers. All things aside, this weekend was made conquering the fear of chopping off my horse tail'd mane. The result- a love for awkward lengths inspired by Alexa Chung and Lizzie Olsen.  The comforts from this past weekend continues as the weather turns into an eerie gloom; perfect for sipping on hot lattes, cuddle fests, and a week long wear of chunky blanket knits.

 eyes wide open | gotye


Anonymous said...

Awesome ♥

Clouds said...

Love your plaid skirt ♥

Daria said...

whoa! creative, like the idea

Daria, the Fashionsurfer


Love this edgy style!
Your Jeffrey Campbell are my favorite <3
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kathy said...

such an amazing idea!
i'm definitely going to have to try wearing a shirt like this one day :)


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Tara said...

Love the skirt, very creative :)


Laura said...

Amazing outfits, love your style!
Would you like to follow each other via bloglovin?
Fashionhypnotised girl

Gillian Uang said...

I wish I could pull off a look like this!


decimal shoes said...

love the whole outfit :D
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ylenia said...

This is amazing, love your outfit!
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Blush and Flats said...

great! love it <3

Cindy said...

I just got my hair cut to about the same length this past weekend too! How crazy is that? Kind of miss my old hair though. You look great with this length!


Halie said...

So rad.

Jacquelyn said...

ahah don't worry I have super stubby fingers as well. Love how you wore the plaid shirt as a skirt, this looks so comfy!


Anonymous said...

WIcked snapshots.

Anisa Young said...

I love how you did this, totally going to steal it! ;) xx

Chloe said...

Exceptional styling. This is not an easy look to pull off, I wouldn't be game to try it that's for sure!

I think it's all about finding the perfect length jumper and the perfect sized shirt.

Your outfit posts are so consistent, I really admire that in a fashion blogger :)

New follower x


cloudo3 said...

oh I love this outfit, and your hair

Naina said...

LOVE the way you used that shirt as a skirt - perfect 'I'm too busy too be bothered" look!


Ashley Rae said...

Oh, how I love your grungified looks!
And what is up with this gloom?!

IG @always_ashleyrae

cosmo-junkie † said...

loove your skirt! Your hair also looks stunning :) Nice photo's xx

rachel said...

love the outfit, it's perfect! and your hair is fab:) i wish i was brave enough to chop mine off haha xxo

The Key To Chic said...

Your haircut looks fantastic, I love the feeling of coming from the salon with a new cut. Love the JCs! Sorry I missed you at the F21 event last night! Wish we'd met, as I'm such a fan of your blog. Happy weekend!

miestiloesmimundo said...

Love your boots! This is such a cute outfit I love it!

Keit said...

You have the most extraordinary style i have ever seen, following you now ^_^

plaid skirts for women said...

Love your plaid skirt!