May 12, 2012

Kids in America

phs by lauren grunge

Holding true to her 90's grunge aesthetics, I had the pleasure of playing model for a day for Lauren's most recent editorial. From piggy backs, to phone booths, to street lights, to failing miserably at riding shotgun on a bike (it's in the video), to meeting random creepers - it was a whole lot of crazy in a day, but the good kind.  Though struggling immensely to breathe, I favored the Dimepiece Designs sad rainbow dress paired with The Hundreds varsity the most. The juxtaposition of masculinity and femininity is what I cherish most in any getup.

 happy up here | royksopp


Miss K said...

Great photos, straight out of a fashion magazine. Love it!!!

kathy said...

wow you look gorgeous!
i am loving your hair, it's super awesome :)

Keit said...

Hahah, you all look happy and disturbed at the same time :D Great hair!

Amber said...

Wow! These look amazing! Straight out of a magazine for sure!

Stephanie Liu said...


PlaceTrends said...

Stunning pics!!! I love your style;)

xx alex

wow wow we are said...

amazing photo !! LOVE IT !

xo xo

wow wow we are ;)