August 26, 2012


hm hat, brandy melville tank, mum's vintage pants, asos boots

Riding pants turned hiking essential alongside a bag of junk and whatnot.  This pair is just one of the many I acquired from the depths of my mother's closet.  Shopping for vintage made easy and at zero cost.

 obedear | purity ring


Jacquelyn said...

Looove your photos + your jewelry + your kickass iphone case!


amanda said...

great photos!

Annette Tang said...

love this look and of course the pictures!!

so good!


LaceandPearls said...

Great outfit. LOVE the iPhone case, haha!

Style Grenade said...

Cute bag, full of small snacks and goodies. We have the same lip balm, best affordable lip balm in the world.

xx Diana

Anna said...

Love the look and this is such a stunning place


Crystallography said...

really love your style. found you on lookbook- super cool, xxx

Carmen Ri said...

Your bracelets are amazing!

Carmen Ri.

Stephanie Liu said...

LOVE raiding mom's closet :)

xx Steph

BobbieAustin27 said...

love your blouse!