October 21, 2012


rayban wayfarers, thrifted gap denim jacket, evil twin jumper via shop wasteland, self-made skirt uo sneakers

Trying to casually sit on a metal bumper pole warrants 'Angie's right leg' to pop in a sustained effort to remain balance and avoid looking like a stump.
I got my hands on this old school gap jacket from my trip to Portland and it's been my go-to ever since, that and the fact that I was rebuked for wearing this around town and also for a fact that I can't stop sneezing when I'm in it, so, forgoing the shearling and taking the denim route.

 border crossing | treasurereason


Alicia N. said...

The 'Angie's right leg' looks pretty good on this side and the skirt is just perfect. And I also thought that taking the denim route was a good choice, but the shearling jacket is still cute. I just love your outfit&style!


I'm Just Me said...

cool look!!

Anonymous said...

super cool outfit. love how simple it is, x

Ali said...

That's what shearling does to you! but cute nonetheless! Love the look btw- it looks good witha the denim!


Jackie said...

You look amazing! I'm into these skirts now and anything chartreuse :) that reminds me, I got my gap jacket hanging in the depths of my closet :D

So inspirational Riz. Hope your doing well love!



Fashiable said...

Okay. This outfit is just perfect. Thanks for sharing girl


Izumi Nagai said...

Awesome outfit! I most especially love your sweater. :)

The Dollhouse

Carmen Ri said...

The skirt is so gorgeous on you!

Carmen Ri.

amanda said...

awesome look!