November 28, 2012

Kitty Corner

Kitty Corner

This is fun. Believe it or not, the very first set I've ever made- better late than never right? It was only right to start off with one of my favorite things, if I haven't made obvious already.  The Wildfox tee stamped with galactic cat goodness, how could I not? The fact that it's a t-shirt makes it all the better. Predictable me to pair it with a pair of vintage-looking-non-vintage-denim shorts. These ones from Ksubi are kinda perfect in that sense, but at the price of a limb, ouch.  The flats from Charlotte Olympia are a toss up.  I love them, but they're flats...which pretty much says it all.  Threw in the sunnies, wallet, and clutch for good measure.  I've been eyeing the fold-over-sac-esque bags for some time now as it makes its way throughout the www and I've been meaning to recreate it in some way.  I suppose in due time. 
Lastly, the gel eyeliner from Bobbi Brown is easily one of the best and beats out everything else I've experimented with in the past.  It's been my one and only during my teenage years-- until as of late that is, but we'll save all that makeup talk for a rainy day.

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anurbanexplorer said...

I've been using the MAC gel liner since FOREVER , but i've been hearing great things abot the bobbi brown one! Maybe its time for a switch lol Congrats on your first set!


The Key To Chic said...

The flats are adorable. Charlotte Olympia's shoes are eye-catching. I can see you wearing this outfit!

Anonymous said...
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Milex said...