January 24, 2013

Big Bang

4th of July 2012

Whether you've been looking forward to this or not, this year's first magical mix of tunes. Quite possibly one of my favorite sets yet. It's kept me sane during today's impromptu 7 hour ride up north.  Here's to another week in the bay for one last hurrah before reality sinks in full force.  Looking forward to rolling around grassy knolls, eating everything in my wake and burning it off walking through SF's million miles of hills (this counts as my yearly exercise), and major me and Nabokov time.

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charsd said...

Thanks for sharing this mix :) It's definitely nice hearing something different from what I'm used to. I just wanna dance now. lol. Love variety!

the little hustle said...

beautiful pictures !

M GJ said...

God, perfect pics!! love your style

StyleNonsense said...

I LOVE What You're Wearing! Thanks For Your Lovely Comment!

Anonymous said...