March 11, 2013

Over All Things

skingraft leather cap, this is a love song overalls, jeffrey campbell boots, zara bag

Finally a moment in time where saying 'back to the future' seems more than appropriate.  Overalls were a thing of the past and now, a thing of the present. Even with a lot of shnazzy ones on the market right now- leather,  python, and printed, I could only want a classic recreation of my childhood.  Already counting the days where I can walk out with nothing but a bandeau underneath. 

 bop bop | mean lady


Denysia Yu said...

I love the overalls!

amanda said...

Aha, I love that only the classics factor in. So you!

Christina Marie said...

Those overalls are perfect!! You look great.


charsd said...

Those overalls are super cute!! I definitely want to get a pair.

How do you style your hair like that to the side? I've been trying to attempt ever since my hair got you use any hair products?