May 20, 2013

Westward Leaning

hm hat, james perse tee, urban outfitters pants, zara bag, rayban clubmasters

Forgoing that sports-grunge look and back into what I love the most- basics and leather all churned into one freakishingly comfy get-up. I initially wore this on Friday, but after gushing in so much comfiness, it was only necessary to carry over all that comfort onto the weekend, hence, an outfit repeat.  I mean, we all do it, right? I'm even guilty of three-peats.  Come to mind, that's actually pretty gross--whatever, I'm just a lazy light weekend packer.

 one | sky ferreira


Michelle Huynh said...

I absolutely love how you styled those flared striped pants. I find the two styles hard to style separately so for you to be able to pull them off all in one look is amazing.


Maddy said...

I love the trousers, flares look amazing on you! xxx


Gillian Uang said...


Keit said...

Wow, I could never pull off those pants so well. Awesome job!

Cindy said...

You always make things I could never (in a million years) think up work so well.


Tabet said...

great outfit. I love this trousers.
Suits you so good.

Veronica Bonilla said...

omg ! I am obsessed with those flares !!


Ashley + Maya said...

I'm absolutely in love with the way you make the pants work! It's kinda hard to wear horizontal stripes and flares right but they make your legs look amazing and they really add a great element to your outfit (:
- Ashley

Not Haute

amanda said...

ugh i love those pants

Professional Doctorate by Zara said...

Just in case it was missed the first five times, I love how you pull off those horizontal stripes. The design on the zara bag is nice. And I think that one of the best parts of this outfit is that you can wear it during the week or on a weekend.

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