October 02, 2013

New York, New York

fyi, major photo overload ahead

Officially popped my New York cherry, and doing so in every way.  From late night halal runs, to a mid day pizza pit stop at Artichoke, being disgruntled and impatient at Ippudo, mad pacing through The Met in attempt to see it all, cheese haven at Eataly, getting lost in Central Park,  seeing my very first broadway show (I mean, look at them eyebrows), getting on and off at wrong subway stops, biking the Brooklyn bridge during Sunset, paying for overpriced sandwiches at Katz's, meeting new friends and catching up with old ones, obsessing over Duane Reade, and avoiding Times Square all together - thus far, one of my favorite cities and one of my favorite trips.  
I mean then there was that time where I got sick the second day, went voiceless for a week, and broke my lens (hence the slew of iPhone photos), but nonetheless one of my favorite trips.

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It's About L.A said...

Great photos, New york seems to be an amazing city!!!

Hannindrome said...

Gorgeous photos, even if they are from an iPhone! I went to New York for the first time back in August, here are my snaps if you're interested :) New York Snaps

charsd said...

Loved this travel diary! That's so awesome you got to see Wicked live, I only read the play. haha. The food looks uh-may-zing!!

The Inkberry said...

Nice shots! This makes me crave pizza..

Cathy & Sarah | http://theinkberry.com