October 28, 2013

The Middle

brandy melville tee, american apparel bralette, front row shop midi skirt, zara boots, karen walker sunglasses

Potentially addicted to all things midi as of late, and somehow acquired an unreasonable (it's really reasonable) amount of midi things. Hoping for sunny days to return so I can step out without looking like a chunky snowman without pants and show you all of the goodness that is, midis.
Some things are just too good to not share. In the meantime, my favorite one of all that sits super high at the waist and super low under the knees, which doesn't entirely help when you're vertically challenged, but that's what heels are for, right? 

 stay with us | seoul


Joy Yiu said...

I love this. You pull all things midi - so well. x


Keit said...

The top and that midi skirt make a damn cool combo!

It's About L.A said...

Very nice outfit! I love the shoes, you look chic

Eleanor J said...

love your shoes! xx

Marija Marovic said...

Thank for inspiration, I never know how to wear skirt that long! XO


Maddy said...

Love this outfit, the boots are beautiful! x


amanda said...

you win every time