January 26, 2011

Longing to linger till dawn

uo silence and noise tweed blazer, boyfriend's borrowed fyasko tee, express leggings, jeffrey campbell mary roks, gifted snakeskin clutch

Sun bubble popped! For the most part at least. Some night shots from this weekend that I finally got a chance to post.  Saturday was indeed a good day considering I walked out the door wearing everything my favorites out of my closet and that of my boyfriend's.  Literally from head to toe.  By day, we went to the Getty Center to submerge ourselves in their cultural photography exhibit and afterwards made way for some Mediterranean food, which I am not fond of at all, but he was adamant we go and I was starving, so I reluctantly agreed.  Thereafter he made up his poor choice in cuisine by taking me to Syrup in downtown L.A.  for some dessert and my all time favorite, can never have enough of, creme brulee.  Following dessert bliss, we stopped by Vault XXI, a lounge for a friend's birthday and afterwards ventured into the streets of Little Tokyo for some photo fun.  Definitely turned into an unintentional wholesome cultural day.
Good nonetheless.
Currently, I'm in the process of some more DIYs, but everything crafty has been put on hiatus :(
Lately all my time and energy have been consumed by papers, readings, and applying for internships.  Hopefully I'll have something to show for it all when the smoke clears.


Julia said...

Like your clutch so much! You're cool!


Melina said...

Love those leggings and that clutch is amazing!

xx Melina
.but i like it.

msavila33 said...

wish i can pull that look off..your outfit is amazing!

Amandabloggin said...

Wow, amazing outfit! Loving the blazer and t-shirt!

Anonymous said...

Love what you're wearing, the rings look perfect and the hat makes the look complete. I'm in love with your blog. ♥-Axelle

Anonymous said...

this i like A LOT !
keep on blogging sharing thanksss