February 08, 2011

Tailored Tuesday

victoria's secret cardigan, thrifted vintage leather shorts, h&m button up

Decided to treat myself with my version of r&r for finishing today's midterm by sprucing up my wardrobe, chalked full of leather goods.  I mean, I only have a book to read and two papers due on Thursday, but no big deal right? I've been scheming up a list of mini to-do's this past week and I just could not wait any longer.  The cardigan I've had for a while now and with inspiration from stockholm streetstyle, it was only a matter of time.  I picked up the shorts from buffalo exchange not too long ago, but haven't been able to make use of it because I got in a large.  As much as I love to sag a lot of my pants, leather shorts are not one of them, so I made them snug.  And lastly, my H&M button up that I wore here, got a complete makeover.  It turns out that my roommate has the exact same shirt in the same exact color and because there's no sense in having two of the same things under one roof, I chopped off the sleeves and added leather shoulder pads. 

Drooling over leather accents.  Can't wait to throw these on!! :)
Hope your day was as "productive" as mine. haha


Shevah said...

Thank you for such a sweet comment. :) Leather accents are always wonderful. I especially love the cardigan...and the H&M shirt is such a great idea. I need to try something like that!


Brunch at Saks said...

Gorgeous photos :)

New to your blog- adore it! xoxo

Melina said...

I have been looking everywhere for a pair of leather shorts that fit right! I really wish I had the means to alter a pair, because it's such a hard look to pull off if the fit is weird. Can't wait to see you style these!

xx Melina
.but i like it.

C. said...

I love your blog!! Following u!!
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bye :)


those leather shorts are an amazing thrift find! im still searching for mine:)
definitely be back to check out more, this blog is great miss!


TyshaJames said...

oooh how cool! i can't wait to see how the olive looking shirt turned out! pretty cool concept! I have a similar looking one from h&m! or maybe its the same! hoping to see pics of the leather goods soon! xoxo ty