January 02, 2011

A new start to start to start

thrifted printed dress and jacket blouse, mom's braided leather belt, jeffrey campbell veronica

I can't believe its 2011 already.  Happy new years!  The boyfriend and I spent New Years Eve Eve down in San Diego with my roommate and her friends in PB.  She took us to the best local restaurants, which I have placed as favorites of mine.  It's good to have friends from different places.  They always know what's best.  
Now, I've never really been a big fan of prints, but for some reason this dress caught my eye.  In fact, it's rather deceiving.  From afar, they look like sailboats, but up close, they're blobs of white.  On the same note, what seems to be made out of suede but really isn't, is a jacket that is really a blouse.  It originally came with an attached under leopard print tank.  I admit, it didn't look all too horrible, but having to wear it all at the same time every time, it seemed unthinkable.  I thought about making the tank detachable, but it proved to be too difficult so I just got rid of it completely.  

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Shevah said...

I adore the jacket with the shoes. You look great. Happy new years!