May 15, 2011

Art in the streets

My favorite shot + piece.  Photos of street artists
Wall mural
'I'll be damned if you will' - street signs
'Can you see your self?'
Stego-dino hood ornament + painted denim
And what's street art without a little paint

Art in the Streets exhibit at the Geffen Contemporary at MOCA.

h&m blazer, forever 21 button up and booties, vintage levi's, calvin klein bag, chanel sunnies


Sheryl said...

I am so thrilled to be your 100th Follower!! Love your blog....


pancakeSTACKER said...

Gosh, I miss LA street art! Your outfit is super chic. Love your booties!


TheStreetFashion5xpro said...


olgha. said...

great outfit, i fount it on lookbook and decided to visit your blog, it was worth it, some pics totally inspire me!

Tanya WALL officiel said...

Love your style here ! happy to follow.

Ashley Rae said...

Riz! Love this outfit. You look so incredibly cool and effortless.
And I looove the MOCA.


Cindy said...

Such a simple and chic outfit. I love it! It's inspiring me to recreate it one day, haha.

Man, I wish I lived in LA. Boston is so boring sometimes.

Style Soufflé

Lydz xX said...

great look, the images are amazing :)
Lydz xX

Lydz xX said...

great look, the images are amazing :)
Lydz xX

Amandabloggin said...

Isn't that you on the 2 picture?? How cool!! And love your look as always ♥

Kat said...

i LOVE your outfit!!! lovely photos of all this street art! :)

Romina said...

I like so much your blog !
Follow me at
Kisses, Romina.

Kym said...

beautiful artwork - and i LOVE your booties!

Tereza Anton said...

I love street art so much :).

Silje Louise said...

Lovely photos! Your style is awesome :D

alexandra said...

you're welcome! When i saw you on lookbook I just had to post you on my blog. I tototty LOVE your style!

Saraicg said...

You have great style!

Nádia said...

LOOOVE the shirt and the boots sooo much! <3

Michelle's Style File said...

Love your outfit, the boots look awesome with your shorts!

Nadia Aboulhosn said...

ahh these wedges are to die for!

Kasia. said...

So great ! Pity that in my town there is no such a great things like this one ;P

Melina said...

Fantastic images! You look so chic too! That blazer looks perfect for the less than spectacular weather LA's been having recently. And those booties are really adorable!

xx Melina

whitney said...

Gorgeous photos and outfit! Your hair is so nice.
Love the shirt and the blazer especially.

cryskay said...

such gorgeous photos!!! i love your outfit and your style. i'm your newest follower. are you based in la? xx

hitme said...

Great pics and i really like your look :) You are very niiiice :) Fine blog, i following ofc :)
big kiss from Poland:*

Anonymous said...

I'm obsessed with Bansky, he's just genius! Love the cut offs and blazer combo so so much, super edgy!

Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

THE CHEAP said...



Ilona de Vries said...

Love the shoes.

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