June 20, 2011


vintage sweater, levi's shorts, calvin klein bag, american apparel thigh-highs, gee wa wa flora platforms

Apologies for being mia for so long. These past weeks have been a culmination of events from finals, graduation, and moving that have literally consumed every second of my time.  Shortly thereafter, I experienced a shopping withdrawal which resulted in three new pairs of shoes.  Holy smokes. 
Well, meet my new best friend.  These Gee Wa Wa platforms feel like I'm walking on air.  Light and fluffy covered in leather and suede.  Best friends don't get any better than this.


Saime said...

Im totally in love :)
amazing :)

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l i s a z h a n g said...

missed ur posts lovely!
great look i'm in need of a lot of oversized knits and stuff!



Anonymous said...

nice place to make some pictures! you look so pretty again :).


Alba said...

Wow, really, I love ALL your outfits, simply perfect!! :D

Love, Alba.

Christine said...

those shoes are great! love that crop top! :)


Blush and Flats said...

love the way your outfit looks with this turqouise back <333 it's amazing !

Cindy said...

So jealous of the new shoes! I can't wait to see the other pairs.

Congrats again on graduating <3

Style Soufflé


your shoes are amazing!

Jackie said...

In love with your shoes and with all of your photos. You are so pretty.


Tereza Anton said...

This outfit is really rocking.

pancakeSTACKER said...

You are too cute! Those platform wedges are sickk. How was graduation?? More importantly, how is life post-grad??? Welcome to the real world, girl! Life only gets more interesting now :)


jamie-lee said...

the platforms are INCREDIBLE! Loving the photo location by the way darling x

the-caramel-lady said...

Ooooh thank you so much for your lovely comment! It makes me very happy! Really :)
This outfit is perfect!
Very very very nice photos!cute.

Anonymous said...

haha, I get bit by those shopping bugs too! Today actually ;) Hope your finals & move went smoothly so you can get back into the groove. I think I disappeared for a month when I moved, don't let it happen to you ;) loooove the shoes <3

cryskay said...

in love with your outfit! those shoes are stunning. xx

hitme said...

OMG I'm in love in this platforms <3 Perfect <3

Gabrielle said...

These shoes are amazing and you have a wonderful smile. Nice pictures!


Meena Dhuga said...

awesome post :) love ur style!! following!


Meena xxx

thefashionguitar said...

Beautiful photos, and your shoes are insane!

XO Charlotte

CINDY NGO said...

totally in love with your blog!

as for the geewawa, it's a love & hate relationship for me. some of their shoes are pretty much amazing... but some are really confusing to me. haha. these are, btw, beautiful on you! you might just convince me to get a pair.

anyway, i'm following you! hope to hear from you again soon, would love to have you as a follower as well... :)


Anonymous said...

Those shoes are totally show stoppers! Love the fox tail attached to your bag, so cool!

Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

Aina said...

Your outfit is something that I will totally wear! I love your blog!

Keep up the great work! Also, wanna follow each other? You know how it is starting a new blog... I am your newest follower :)


The Platinum Batch said...

this look is so perfect. tights and black shoes. platforms. vintage destroyed denim and the perfect white blouse. you are perfect!

Poppy said...

I love your style and those shoes are perfect!

Fran Domínguez said...

Like this a lot!

Fran Domínguez | Photographer

Anonymous said...

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