December 08, 2012

An Ode to All Things Chunky

from L-R

Let's assume that money grew in trees and I'm the Queen of England- my (virtual) closet.  Post-secondary love to black boots, and third to denim cut-offs, sweaters that ultimately possess high levels of chunkiness are a major must have.  There's nothing more I'd like to hoard than an abundance of wool, cotton, and cashmere in frivolous shapes and textures.  I'd say, the chunkier the better.  One can assume that with predictability I'd probably pair them with said cut-offs and black boots, duh.  But since I'm feeling slightly ambitious today, this, this, and this are my next options. With black boots though, of course. Always.

Happy Saturday!!

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amanda said...

I would like to fall asleep in a pile of all of these please

Jacquelyn said...

Omg this has to be one of the best sets made. Chunky knits are my most favourite thing ever. LOVE!


Fashiable said...

They are all perfect for the winter!

StyleBash said...

Love number 1,5 and 9

Great blog!

Vala B

Carrie said...

I would like all of these please =)

Style in the City

charsd said...

Chunky sweaters are definitely a must have <3 Half my clothes rack is filled with its chunky goodness, hah